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All my instrumentals can be used for non profit. 
You can use it on Youtube, Instagram, SoundCloud, and other platforms without monetization ( No streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music...), and you must Credit (prod. Nxnja), music by Nxnja, ..., in title or in description of your media post.
I also do not allow simple reuploads of my music or Youtube videos.
For live Streaming on Youtube/Twitch/Facebook Gaming, it is unclear how their system behave with identified content, so I advise you to be careful with Youtube Livestreams, as it might affect the monetization.
It is practically impossible for me to track the copyright claimed content, so it can be hard to fix in some situations.
My music is not copyright free, please refer to the "Copyrights" section below for more details.


If you want to use an instrumental for profit, aka for CD's, Streaming Platforms, Monetized videos or projects, you must purchase a licence on my website :
You will find the links in the description of my videos.
When purchasing a track, you will receive a Licence, an Invoice, and all the files will be in the BEST quality, and Untagged. 
You can find the details of the licences on my website.
To benefit from the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal and other bulk deals available, you simply have to add multiple beats to your cart, and the discount will apply automatically !
Any issue with Copyrights ? Please refer to the section below for more information.


Free for non profit doesn't mean Copyright free, so Youtube might identify my music in your videos and you might get a copyright claim notice. 
Do not worry ! A copyright claim is NOT a copyright strike, so it doesn't affect your channel negatively. Due to the growing amount of content created around my videos, it is hard for me to manage it, so If you paid a licence or just used a small portion of music in a longer video and the claim affects the monetization of your video, please dispute the claim first, then contact me, this way I can add your video to a whitelist, and the claim will be removed.

Concerning Intros/ Outros, Youtube might repeatedly claim the content in each video, be aware of that if you plan to get a licence for this purpose.

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